About Us
A Passion for Design and Organization

2023 NCJW Fran HeadshotFran Levey

More than ten years ago, I became a webmaster out of necessity.  I was serving as the President of an organization that was offered a free Joomla template.  We hired a web consultant to work with us on the condition that he would train me and we would never again be stuck when our webmaster of the moment left town.  That is the beauty of CMS (Content Management System, eg. Joomla, WordPress, WIX) and why I only build websites with that system.  

With four decades of executive and volunteer experience in the non-profit sector, I bring a unique passion and outlook to my work.  I will help you get organized from the start with a website content plan, design a website that leverages your organization's brand, and most importantly, helps users find what they're looking for.  Your website will be a user experience that is intuitive, effective, and engaging. With a degree and background in graphic design, marketing, and photography, you can be sure that my passion for beauty and good design is also a priority.

Rounding out the team, we have graphic designers, photographers, and copywriters who we rely on and of course, you have access to as our client.